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Through its membership in the Algal Biomass Organization (ABO), OriginOil helps provide a direct path to viable commercial markets for renewable and sustainable algae-derived commodities. The primary purposes of the Algal Biomass Organization are to facilitate commercialization and market development of microalgae biomass specifically for biofuels production and greenhouse gas abatement; deliver information to the public on initiatives, funding opportunities, and industry development; provide networking and collaboration opportunities; establish cutting edge research and commercialization summits and other meeting opportunities; develop a high quality interactive repository of information on algae biomass technology, science, products, processes, patents, and economics; facilitate IP aggregation, licensing, and royalty management; develop quality and measurement best practices for algal biomass, products, systems technology, and econometrics; afford career advancement and consultant opportunities.

Cleantech Los AngelesCleanTech Los Angeles (CTLA) is dedicated to establishing Los Angeles as a global leader in clean technologies. OriginOil is proud to support CTLA and its collaboration partners in a joint effort to create a clean tech hub and Centers of Excellence that result in a cleaner environment, a higher quality of life, and regional economic benefit in the form of long-term job and career opportunities.

OriginOil is a key member of the Houston-based NAA and regularly schedules key announcements for release at the association’s quarterly forums. For example, in 2009, OriginOil presented the industry’s first-ever comprehensive algae production model, developed with the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) of the Department of Energy under its collaborative research agreement with OriginOil.

“We knew that the first company to actually come out and openly document the real productivity picture would face a tough challenge,” said Barry Cohen, executive director of the National Algae Association. “OriginOil did it and now we have the beginning of an industry model.”

More recently, in April of 2013, Jose Sanchez, VP of Quality and Services, presented “Use of Algae Appliance for Harvesting and Microbiological Control of Algal Biomass” in which he first proposed the “heterotrophic jump” that, he believes, makes algae biofuels viable.

On March 3, 2014, Barry Cohen announced that the NAA added OriginOil’s Model A12 entry-level algae harvester to its permanent algae demonstration site in Houston, Texas.

In 2011, CEO Riggs Eckelberry was named to the Advisory Board of the National Algae Association.

CAAAs a California based company, OriginOil is proud to be a supporting member of the California Aquaculture Association (CAA). The CAA promotes commercial production of plants and animals in aquatic systems to satisfy the needs of consumers for wholesome products that are produced by sustainable means conserving California’s land and water resources.