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Mael Disa-Vingataramin

President, Algae Division

As President of the Algae Division, Mael Disa-Vingataramin’s role is to develop the full potential of OriginOil’s Electro Water Separation™ (EWS) technology, as applied to algae cultivation and processing. His mission is to achieve wide adoption for EWS in the fast-growing algae industry, through private labeling, licensing and sales, both directly and through distribution partners. His duties span product development, sales and licensing, manufacturing control and integration with other industry systems.

Previously, Mael honed his analytical skills at Innodev, a Paris-based consulting firm specializing in emerging biotechnologies and green chemicals. He then served in engineering and business development roles at A2BE Carbon Capture, an algae cultivation technology company in the U.S. More recently, Mael co-founded CarbonSync, a US and Caribbean-based company developing commercial opportunities in Renewable Energy and Water with a main focus on developing power plant using waste and biomass as feedstock and conversion of wastewater streams into valuable products. Mael also gained management experience as the co-founder and executive of a healthcare business with close to eight figures in annual turnover.

Mael holds an Engineer’s degree in Chemistry from ESCOM (Higher School of Organic and Mineral Chemistry, France), and a Master’s in Process Engineering from UTC (University of Technology of Compiègne, France) with a specialization in agricultural sciences.