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Vikram M Pattarkine

Senior Consulting Scientist

Dr Vikram Pattarkine is a chemical-environmental engineer with expertise in water, waste management, and renewable energy. He has extensive international experience in environmental consulting and research, development, design, and application of environmental technologies. He has been nominated on prestigious professional committees such as the Chesapeake Bay Program’s Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee and the Water Environment Federation’s Municipal Resource Recovery Design Committee as an expert on nutrient management, energy conservation, and renewable energy. He has authored chapters in manuals, peer-reviewed papers, and has made technical presentations at conferences worldwide. He is an adjunct professor of environmental engineering at the University of Missouri and has also taught graduate students at Pennsylvania State University. He has received several honors including US citizenship through recognition of “extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics through sustained national or international acclaim” by US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

During its formative months, as its first Chief Technology Officer, Dr Pattarkine added outstanding value to OriginOil by imparting scientific rigor to the company’s technology development. Currently he advises OriginOil’s wastewater-based algae production programs. Prior to joining the OriginOil team he was senior vice president at Brinjac Engineering, an engineering design and consulting firm based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Before that he was director of process engineering at Columbia, Missouri-based Environmental Dynamics International, a manufacturing firm that specializes in the development and application of advanced technology aeration and biological treatment solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater. During the 1990s he led the Environment and Natural Resources Management consulting practice of Tata Consultancy Services, Asia’s largest consulting firm, providing expert advice to government, industry, and multilateral donor agencies.

Dr Pattarkine earned his doctorate in environmental engineering from Virginia Tech and master’s in chemical engineering from Nagpur University, India. He is a board certified environmental engineering member of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists.