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Technology Team

Nicholas Eckelberry — Chief Research Officer

Nicholas Eckelberry is co-founder and chief research officer of OriginOil. He is responsible for inventing OriginOil’s proprietary Electro Water Separation (EWS) technology, the high-speed, primarily chemical-free process to extract organic contaminants and valuable materials from large quantities of water. Nicholas first laid the foundation for OriginOil in 1988 when he first worked with Japan’s Hideto Uematsu on the breakthrough OHR MX static mixer system; a system that received the mechanical patent US 6,279,611 (28 Aug 2000) for the mixing of fluids at a microscopic level. This technology has since been implemented at some 2,000 sites in the Japanese waste water industry, and led to the development of Quantum Fracturing, OriginOil’s first patent filing for making CO2 more bio-available to algae cultures. Nicholas is also responsible for the launch of Nano-Cal in 2003, a product line based around a uniquely formulated and highly bio-available form of calcium.

Nicholas Eckelberry has authored or co-authored thirteen patent applications in the field of algae production and commercialization. Recently, Biofuels Digest ranked him one of the Top 300 People in the Bioeconomy for 2013-2014.

Dave Anderson — Director of Field Engineering

Mr. Anderson has more than 20 years experience in the algae and aquaculture industries, where he has worked closely in the design, construction, and operation of marine and freshwater RAS facilities (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) for growout and broodstock conditioning. Dave’s experience also includes Quality Assurance and Quality Control testing for aquatic animal health products. At OriginOil, he is responsible for equipment testing and validation, equipment installation and operation training for users, and, together with the Direction of Operations, after-service support.

Prior to joining the sales team at OriginOil, Dave earned his Master’s degree in genetics from the University of Southern California. He has since worked in science outreach at the Aquarium of the Pacific and other non-profit organizations that promote marine science education. Dave brings an exceptional level of technical expertise to the OriginOil Technology Team.

Andrew Davies — Operations Manager

With over 14 years experience in construction and fabrication fields, Andrew Davies heads OriginOil’s Operations.

Davies began in the Maritime industry both on deck and in the engine room, earning numerous certifications aboard motor vessels in the Caribbean. His building experience began with hotel construction where he learned advanced levels of carpentry, fabricating, wiring, PVC, and operating heavy machinery of all kinds. He has also completed an apprenticeship in the field of Heating, Cooling and Air-conditioning, and is a licensed forklift, articulating man-lift, extended boom forklift and bobcat operator.

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