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Pearl Blue

In July 2015, OriginOil announced that Pearl H20, LLC installed a commercial scale 1200 bbl/day Pearl Blue™ treatment system last month and began a performance testing phase for treating frac flowback and produced water from the Monterey shale formation.

The Pearl Blue treatment system embeds OriginOil’s proprietary Electro Water Separation™ (EWS) process into a complete mobile system which Pearl H20 believes is the most cost effective way to deliver a fracking fluid with no scaling salts. Removing scale is an essential step in recycling flowback water. Recycling water in this manner saves scarce California fresh water, and reduces the heavy trucking and disposal costs involved in hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’. (View Brochure.)

“The Pearl Blue System is a complete engineered solution that provides the optimal treatment of flowback or produced water in a cost effective turnkey package. The system provides high quality treatment necessary for reuse, removes the majority of scaling salts, and provides a clear, odorless, oil free water ready for reuse ” said Andy Komor, VP of Environmental Water for PACE.

In October of 2012, OriginOil announced that it had signed its first agreement to license its EWS process with Pearl H20, a Pacific Advanced Civil Engineering, Inc (PACE) spinoff, and OriginOil’s first licensee. The agreement was the first in the company’s “Powered by OriginOil™” strategy of deploying OriginOil’s unique technology across global markets to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) who will integrate it seamlessly into their systems and under their own brand.

Industrial Systems, Inc

In October 2013, Colorado-based Industrial Systems Inc. (ISI) became OriginOil’s pioneer customer for its Pay per Barrel program. Since then, ISI has become a full-fledged licensee, and Pay per Barrel is an integral part of the commercial toolkit for all OriginOil licensees.

ISI provides manufacturing, construction services, and solutions to the mine, oil & gas, and power industries in the US. For over twenty years, it has provided major capital engineering, procurement, manufacturing, project management, and construction services for multi-million dollar projects.

A major portion of ISI’s business is design and manufacturing of permanent and portable tanks up to 53,000 barrels. ISI believes that these tanks are superior in design and construction to any other portable tank in the oil and gas drilling or fracking industry. ISI is now developing systems “Powered by OriginOil” to expand into frac flowback and produced water recycling. (View Brochure.)

In April 2014, OriginOil announced that ISI would host the first of a series of showcases to demonstrate the successful removal of frac flowback and produced water pollutants with the P1000 demonstration-scale unit.

“We are excited about adding EWS technology to our existing line of movable panel tanks,” said Bob Isom, CEO/President of ISI. “We’ve partnered with OriginOil through the pay-per-barrel financing program, so that our customers can start cleaning frack water in real time without the capital expenditure up front. This model is how the industry can adopt new technologies fast.”

Isom added: “We have been actively promoting the EWS technology for months and have a very long list of customers who want to see the equipment in action. We expect multiple orders from the event.”

Burgan One Commercial Establishment

In May of 2014, OriginOil signed a non-exclusive licensing agreement with Burgan One Commercial Establishment (BG-1), to design, manufacture and distribute water treatment products that incorporate OriginOil technology for the oil & gas and other waste treatment markets in the Middle East.

Burgan One is a leading regional service provider firm in the oil and gas sector. It focuses on upstream activities covering the Kuwaiti market, and its relationships in Iran, Syria, Iraq and Egypt give it regional reach. BG-1 is an agent for Japanese conglomerates Sumitomo and Samsung C&T in Kuwait.

Burgan One has helped conduct a number of flagship projects for the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), such as treating high saline effluent produced water, soil remediation and cleaning of oil contaminated lakes, and desalination of high saline water.

“We are very excited to be the first to introduce OriginOil’s innovative technology to the Middle East,” said Musab Al-Yaseen, CEO of Burgan One. “Water treatment in the region is gaining great attention due to increased water production volume and focus on environmental regulations, and I see EWS playing a major role in developing an environmentally friendly and economical approach.”

“We at BG-1 foresee a number of different applications for the EWS technology in the oil and gas fields of the Middle East,” said Farouk Al-Zanki, until recently CEO of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC). “Our initial projects will be targeted here in Kuwait, but once proven here, we believe the rest of the Gulf States will open up.”

E3 Services and Solutions

On 24 June 2014, OriginOil announced that E3 Services and Solutions, LLC (E3), an acquirer and integrator of industrial technologies in fuel, food and health sectors, has agreed to license EWS for integration in systems designed to reclaim water from hydraulic fracturing and industrial operations.

Memphis, Tennessee based E3 intends to develop and further commercialize key OriginOil technologies for oil and gas water reclamation, aquaculture and feed stock production. E3 also plans to partner with OriginOil on research and development projects to further refine the company’s suite of technologies in the field.

“E3 is a dynamic technology integrator and with a shared vision to advance innovative solutions commercially,” said Riggs Eckelberry, OriginOil CEO. “We plan to partner with their team in every step of the process to roll out products and services in the frack and industrial water reclamation spaces, as well as in our clean tech business. We welcome them to the growing OriginOil team!”

Orca Vision

In January, 2014 OriginOil announced that it has agreed to supply its water management solutions to Orca Vision Inc., a new East Asian urban farming venture backed by Orix Corp., Japan’s largest financial services and leasing company. Orca Vision Inc., a Japanese eco-solutions provider with sales in Japan, South Korea and China and a manufacturing facility in South Korea, will implement OriginOil’s EWS technology in a vertical farming pilot. In the coming year, Orca plans to expand the model to more than 100 locations.

Orca Vision will implement OriginOil’s EWS technology in a vertical farming pilot that will include both vegetable and algae production. Vertical farming is a way to deliver highly efficient production while greatly reducing distribution costs, since produce can be grown close to where it is consumed. Orca Vision’s urban farms are designed to use hydroponics to deliver high quality and nutrient-rich fresh greens in a “stacked” or vertical configuration.

Algasol Renewables

In September 2014, OriginOil announced that it will provide algae harvesting technology for the low-cost algae growth system from Algasol Renewables. The integrated system will launch at Algasol’s new facilities in Bangladesh — a unique, large-scale demonstration of micro-algae production for fish feed.

Algasol Renewables estimates that algae can be produced for feed using its proprietary technology at industry-low prices, and is negotiating agreements for micro-financing to help large numbers of small farmers in the low-lying delta region of Bangladesh roll out this complete growth and pelletizing system.

“With our technology showcase in Bangladesh, we plan to demonstrate the feasibility of large-scale fish feed production operations capable of utilizing healthy and low-cost algae”, said Miguel Verhein, Executive Director of Algasol Renewables. “We’re very pleased that our long-time partner OriginOil plans to join us to equip the showcase with the company’s own Electro Water Separation process for algae harvesting for fish pellets.”

In May 2012, OriginOil and Algasol Renewables announced that they intend to collaborate on the development of an integrated algae growth and harvesting system. By bundling their products, the two companies plan to achieve new levels of cost and performance in micro algae cultivation for biofuels and high value products. Based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Algasol Renewables is a technology company with a unique patented technology for low-cost cultivation of micro algae for biofuels and high value products.

Gulf Energy

On 25 Aug 2014, OriginOil announced it was selected by Gulf Energy, an oil service company with major customers in Oman, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, as the technology provider for the company’s new oil services business in frack and produced water treatment and reuse. Gulf Energy will implement OriginOil’s CLEAN-FRAC system, equipped with the company’s core technology Electro Water Separation (EWS), throughout the Middle East & North Africa (MENA).

“We at Gulf Energy believe that the Middle East is ready to address its water scarcity and environmental concerns. For months, we have researched and finally found the technology we believe to be the best available to anchor our water treatment systems,” stated Yasser Al Barami, Chief Commercial Officer of Gulf Energy SAOC. “We are ready to start building and selling systems across the MENA region. To enable this, our first step will be to purchase a CLEAN-FRAC™ P1500 demonstration system from OriginOil.”

Gulf Energy reports that it currently works with almost all of the major operators in Oman including Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO), Occidental Petroleum Company (OXY), PTT Exploration and Production Plc (PTTEP), MEDCO, Petrogas E&P and Daleel Petroleum.

Commercial Solutions

Venpro Partners

VenPro Partners supports Origin Oil’s Channel- Dealers, Distributors, Licensees and VARs through their Vendor Services Group.

Their programs comply to the Channel customer’s Operating Budget needs enabling them to move forward quickly without Capital Budget restraints. These programs provide the Channel with the means for working capital to get equipment manufactured, delivered and installed, getting the project running quickly and without delays.

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