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A Frack Water Tax, and the Drama of Contamination

From: Riggs Eckelberry
Los Angeles, April 15, 2013

Good morning!

A Texas tax on fracking waste water?

The Texas legislature will vote soon on a tax on waste water from fracking operations to further encourage the recycling of remediated water as an alternative to using wastewater disposal wells.

Recycling is the future for frack water.

Here’s the full story. Thanks to longtime investor Jim Higginson for the alert!

“The drama of contamination”

As you know, Jose SanchezĀ spoke last weekend at the National Algae Association’s Algae Farming Workshop in Houston.

Well, he was a hit. His coverage of “The Drama of Contamination” drove home how critical it is to have a way to reduce bacterial invasions, and also keep genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) from escaping!

I’m told we can expect a number of new customers and industry partners out of this smash hit performance.

Onward to Vienna

Right now he’s in Pennsylvania meeting with our aquaculture partner, WeFeedUs, and setting up a new Algae Appliance customer site…

Then on to Vienna, where he will speak at the European Algae Biomass 2013 conference on Wednesday the 24th.

Sanitizing wastewater in Paris

While in Europe, Jose will spend important time at our joint venture, Ennesys, which is pioneering algae-powered buildings.

Jose has designed a system to sanitize wastewater coming out of buildings so that algae can feed on it safely.

Ennesys will be the first to test the prototype of this exciting new application of our technology.

This application is actually critical to the future of the European algae industry, as Jose pointed out in his presentation to the 8th World Biofuels Market, “Is 2013 the Year of Algae?”.

Back to Singapore!

After a few days back in the USA testing our aquaculture prototype, Jose will be off to Australia and Singapore.

There he will help Nicholas (our co-founder and chief inventor), of “jar of algae paste” fame, present this new machine to the fast-growing fish farming industry in Southeast Asia.

Whew! That is a schedule to rival Henry A. Kissinger, indeed.

Our Singapore sales agent

I’m happy to mention here that a major investor in our company, Eng Cheh Hong, has formed Original Oil Asia Pty Ltd, to represent us commercially in the Southeast and East Asian region.

Feel free to contact Eng by emailing We’re honored to have him representing us!

The $5 million sales opportunity

Well, that’s it for now.

Next week I would like to walk you through the financial model that demonstrates how we can achieve $5 millionĀ in initial sales of the Algae Appliance.

It’s quite compelling.

Have a great week!

Riggs and Team

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