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The US Navy’s Amazing Biofuels Program

From: Riggs Eckelberry
Los Angeles, December 7, 2011

From: Riggs Eckelberry
Los Angeles, December 7, 2011

Good morning!

On Monday, the Defense Logistics Agency announced the “single largest purchase of biofuel in US history”. This fuel will be made from a blend of algae and used cooking oil.

What’s going on? Why are we setting records with a mix of algae and cooking oil?

Fifty-Fifty by 2020

It’s simple: within eight years, the US Navy plans to run on 50% alternative fuels. That’s eight million barrels a year!

All this, certifiably, without impacting food production. That means waste products, non-food crops and forestry… and above all, algae.

It’s all in a few key slides from the US Navy.

They aren’t waiting for committees to help them decide. They can just invoke Title III of the Defense Production Act, for purposes of national defense.

“Power Found Nowhere Else in Law”

This Title III actually has broad powers to change the domestic industrial base.

Using this authority, granted only to the Department of Defense, Navy is working closely with DOE and USDA to set up production standards, bio-refineries, and to blend multiple biofuels into “drop-in fuels”… that is, fuels that any engine can use right now.

In short, the US Navy is driving a revolution in biofuels.

Now, The Great Green Fleet

On 16 December 1907, 16 battleships of the US Atlantic Fleet, all painted white, sailed for a tour of the world, the first ever by a fleet of steam-powered, steel battleships. It was one of the greatest peacetime achievements of the US Navy.

And now it will all happen again. In 2016, just four years from now, the Great Green Fleet will sail, marking another great peacetime achievement.

Algae’s Critical Role

Energy-rich algae will play a major role in the blends that will power this fleet. To get there, we urgently need technology breakthroughs and industry standards.

We’re already working with DOE on the standards. And our technology breakthroughs are hitting the market.

And now this all-out US Navy effort, relatively free of politics, is proving to be a major driving force for our industry.

Exciting times!

Enjoy the rest of your week.


Riggs and team

Riggs Eckelberry
President & CEO
OriginOil, Inc. (OOIL)

OriginOil to Collaborate with US Department of Energy to Develop Algae Feedstock Standard

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