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OriginOil Commissions Third Party Studies to Validate its Electro Water Separation Technology for Aquaculture and Frack Water Applications

OriginOil commissions top water treatment engineering firms, MWH Global and Pacific Advanced Civil Engineering (PACE) to review and generate a certification plan for its most recent applications

Los Angeles, CA – July 24, 2013 – OriginOil, Inc. (OTC/QB: OOIL), developer of Electro Water Separation™ (EWS), a breakthrough water cleanup technology for oil & gas, algae and other water-intensive industries, announced today it has initiated two consulting agreements with top water treatment engineering firms to validate the  efficacy of its technology in the oil and gas and aquaculture markets.

Multinational engineering firm, MWH Global, plans to test and study the EWS Petro™ process for the recycling of produced and frac flowback water. Pacific Advanced Civil Engineering (PACE) plans to test and study the EWS Aqua™ process for the removal of ammonia and pathogens from pond water.

“We are pleased to have retained MWH Global,” said Riggs Eckelberry, CEO of OriginOil.  “As one of the world’s leading water treatment engineering services firms, MWH has completed many projects in the water treatment segment of the frac industry. We believe the completed study will expedite the commercialization of our planned throughput, or ‘pay-by-the-gallon’ business model.”

PACE, who previously completed the detail engineering for the company’s commercial scale algae harvesting systems in Australia, has now agreed to take on a review and study of the EWS Aqua process.

“We are excited to study the new application of EWS technology in aquaculture for OriginOil.  Based on the positive results we’ve tested in the oil industry with EWS, we expect similarly strong efficacy in water treatment for aquaculture applications,” stated Andy Komor, VP of Environmental Water for PACE.

Komor continued, “We understand that OriginOil’s solution is unique in the aquaculture industry, in that it is the only non-chemical process that effectively removes ammonia, while killing bacteria and aquatic pathogens.”

Bill Charneski, COO of OriginOil added, “We’ve received significant commercial traction with EWS Algae through our unique Algae Appliance™. The validation of EWS Petro and EWS Aqua by MWH and PACE will accelerate our entrance into the commercial markets in other sectors. It is a very exciting and busy time here at OriginOil.”

When applied to the oil and gas industry, EWS Petro (previously CLEAN-FRAC™) operates in continuous mode to remove oils, suspended solids, insoluble organics and bacteria from both frac flowback and produced water. Tests have proven the process is highly efficient: a leading fluid imaging test demonstrated a 99.9 percent reduction in free oil and a 99.5 percent reduction in suspended solids.

In aquaculture, EWS Aqua, “the Aquappliance™”, dramatically reduces levels of ammonia by continuously recirculating pond water through a low-voltage electro pulsing, chemical-free, high-speed process. The system can also reduce bacteria and pathogens up to 98 percent, reducing the need for antibiotics in fish ponds or eliminating it altogether.

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