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OriginOil Hosts Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn (Ret.) at Company Headquarters

National Security Authority Witnesses Transformation of Algae into Oil at Company’s Los Angeles Offices

Los Angeles, CA August 25, 2009 – OriginOil, Inc. (OOIL), the developer of a breakthrough technology to transform algae, one of most promising sources of renewable oil, into a true competitor to petroleum, recently had the honor of hosting Retired Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn, former Commander of the U.S. Third Fleet in the Pacific Ocean and current member of a blue-ribbon panel of Generals and Admirals, the CNA Military Advisory Board (MAB), at its company headquarters on Friday, August 21.

During the tour, which took place at the OriginOil facility in downtown Los Angeles, Vice Admiral McGinn received a guided walk-through of the company’s breakthrough technology, which is developed to help reduce the United States’ dependence on foreign fuel. (See photos here.)

Admiral McGinn got a chance to taste algae oil extracted from algae in OriginOil’s Single Step Extraction™ process and commented: “I especially like the wine tasting atmosphere of judging a fine run of algal oil production!”

He continued, “I really like OriginOil’s business model of producing key technical capabilities, with a premium placed on efficiency, less complexity and affordability that will enable just about every scale up of the algal fuel industry.”

“We were honored to welcome Vice Admiral McGinn to our company headquarters,” commented Eckelberry. “His extensive involvement and commitment in helping to reduce our nation’s carbon footprint has made him widely respected within our industry, and his decision to visit our facility means a lot to us.”

As a member of the MAB, Vice Admiral McGinn, along with eleven other top-ranking Admirals and Generals, recently issued an influential energy report entitled, Powering America’s Defense: Energy and the Risks to National Security”. The report finds that America’s energy posture constitutes a serious and urgent threat to national security – militarily, diplomatically and economically. It warns that continuing business as usual is perilous and recommends immediate action to address the nation’s long-term energy profile.

“Increasing demand for, and dwindling supplies of, fossil fuels will lead to instability. In addition, the effects of global climate change will pose serious threats to water supplies and agricultural production, leading to intense competition for essentials,” said Vice Admiral McGinn. “The U.S. cannot assume that we will be untouched by these conflicts. We have to understand how these conflicts could play out, and prepare for them by transforming our energy posture.”

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