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Smart Algae Harvester A120

The Smart Algae Harvester A120  is a mid-scale algae harvester that can process up to 120 liters (32 gallons) per minute of algae water and is ideally suited to distributed architectures. Individual A120 units can each be assigned to manage ponds or bioreactors and can be combined to achieve larger parallel processing capability.

Based on our core platform, Electro Water Separation™ (EWS), the A120 is a continuous flow system to efficiently dewater and concentrate microalgae. It can remove up to 99% of the incoming water volume and produce a 5-10% solids concentrate, with accessories available for higher concentrations.

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Kills Bacteria to Extend Shelf-Life

The A120 can operate either continuously or intermittently on a wide variety of microalgae strains.

EWS systems have been validated to effectively remove harmful invaders and pathogens such as bacteria, rotifers, ciliates, and protozoa.

EWS has been successfully tested on many algae strains, including Botryococcus braunii, Haematococcus pluvialis, Nannochloropsis sp., Tetraselmis sp., Chlorella sp., Scenedesmus dimorphus and more.

Distributed Topology

Algae Growth System

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The benefit of this architecture is that, where growth modules are shut down for maintenance or other reasons, the corresponding harvester doesn’t have to be run, which maintains optimum capacity sizing. Additionally, each harvester is a backup for the rest.

“After evaluating OriginOil’s products, our technical team felt that OriginOil had a novel, scalable, and potentially game-changing technology to harvest and process algal biomass into commercially viable products.”

Hugh Morris, COO, AlgEternal

The A120 was designed with producer input for distributed architectures.

Algae for Aquaculture

The A120 design is also ideally sized to harvest algae product for fish feed. It solves the biggest problem in algae production for fish feed, which is how to concentrate the algae so that it can then be pelletized. With the A120, this is simply no longer an issue.

Algae farmed in aquaculture sites can become a substitute for fish meal. The cost of farming algae in most locations would be around $400 to $600 US dollars per metric ton. If compared to the $1700 dollars per ton that fish meal costs, this induces a 60-70% savings in fish meal costs.

“We are very excited about implementing OriginOil’s technology both for treating the water to remove ammonia and bacteria and for harvesting algae for fish feed. The cost of fish feed has tripled over the last decade and is now our highest cost.”

Rocky French, Operations Manager at Aqua Farming Technology, a sustainable fish farm operator near Palm Springs, CA.

Features and Benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
125 mg/L to 3 g/L input Avoid pre-processing Save on Capex, Opex
Low-power electrical field Avoid degrading chemicals Clean feedstock and water
Energy-efficient design Less than 0.7 kWh per m3 Minimal power demands
Two-stage concentrator Up to 99% removal Fewer process stages
Pathogen-hostile Delayed product rot Extended shelf life
High throughput Scalable and efficient Minimized infrastructure
Smart controls Networked, adaptive Personnel cost reduction
Skid or caster mounting Rapid deployment Resource flexibility
Smart controls Networked, adaptive Personnel cost reduction

Product Specifications

Flow rate:
Variable based upon operator controlled settings:

  • Maximum: 120 LPM (32 GPM) – processing up to 165,000 liters per day in continuous harvest (23 hours operation)
  • Sufficient for a 825,000 liter growth facility at 20% daily harvest, depending on algal strain, growth conditions, and growth methodology

Microalgae concentration:
Wide flexibility from less than 125mg to as much as 3g/liter dry weight

Length 270 cm, width 127 cm, height 127 cm (will fit in one 10′ shipping container)

~500 kg (1200 pounds)

Power requirements:
120/240 volts, 50/60 hertz

Power consumption:
Approximately 0.7kWh per incoming m3

Additional Product Features:

  • Remote support by OriginOil technicians (requires support contract after warranty expiration)
  • Tunable to a wide range of fresh and saltwater microalgae species
  • Applicable to all autotrophic growth platforms

Product Information

Ordering Details

For ordering information, email us here, or call 877-999-6645 and press 5.

  • "Collaboration with OriginOil has been encouraging, especially the modeling of their algae growth and production process." - Tom Ulrich, INL Senior Advisory Scientist
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