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Smart Algae Harvester A25

Introducing the new Smart Algae Harvester™ A25. Using OriginOil’s Electro Water Separation™ (EWS) water cleanup technology, The Smart Algae Harvester A25 solves a major obstacle to practical algae production: how to efficiently remove low density algae cells from large amounts of water.

The system combines electrochemical processing and state-of-the-art controls to enable a flow-through, continuously harvesting process. By adjusting the process conditions in response to the conditions of the feed water, the Smart Algae Harvester ensures efficiency and a high quality product.

Purchasing and Licensing available. You can purchase Smart Algae Harvester from OriginOil or one of its distributors, or license the technology as an OriginOil Equipment Manufacturer.

A Harvesting Workhorse

The Smart Algae Harvester A25 is available for commercial production and can also serve as an important R&D tool.

The A25 is rated at a nominal 25 liters (6.5 gallons) per minute of raw algae water in any concentration up to ~3 g/L dry weight.

The A25 can remove up to 99% of the incoming water volume and produce a 5-10% concentrate (higher concentrations available with downstream devices).

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Cost-Efficient and Continuous

Based on our core platform, Electro Water Separation™ (EWS), the A25 utilizes a continuous flow system to efficiently dewater and concentrate the microalgae, with a power consumption of approximately 0.7kWh per incoming m3.

The A25 will operate either continuously or intermittently for testing purposes on a wide variety of microalgae strains.

We have successfully tested process on numerous algae species, including Botryococcus brauneii, Haematococcus pluvialis, Nannochloropsis sp., Tetraselmis sp., Chlorella sp., and Scenedesmus dimorphus.

The system has been shown to effectively remove harmful invaders and pathogens such as bacteria, rotifers, ciliates, protozoa, amoeba and parasites.

Request our test results.

Touchscreen Operation

Using the touchscreen-operated intelligent power management system, operators can take readings via sensors and control parameters such as flow rate or pH to better manage and dispense energy to achieve optimum algal harvest.

The system can connect through wireless sensor networks to central management facilities, thus enabling commercial farmers to monitor and manage an entire array of harvesters at full scale, up to hundreds of acres.

Features and Benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
125 mg/L to 3 g/L input Avoid pre-processing Save on Capex, Opex
Low-power electrical field Avoid degrading chemicals Clean feedstock and water
Energy-efficient design Less than 0.7 kWh per m3 Minimal power demands
Two-stage concentrator Up to 99% removal Fewer process stages
Pathogen-hostile Delayed product rot Extended shelf life
High throughput Scalable and efficient Minimized infrastructure
Smart controls Networked, adaptive Personnel cost reduction
Skid or caster mounting Rapid deployment Resource flexibility
Smart controls Networked, adaptive Personnel cost reduction

Product Specifications

Flow rate:
Variable based upon operator controlled settings:

  • Maximum flow rate of 25 LPM (6.5 GPM) – processing 34,500 liters per day in continuous harvest (23 hours average)
  • Sufficient for a 172,500 liter growth facility at 20% daily harvest, depending on algal strain, growth conditions, and growth methodology.

Microalgae concentration:
Wide flexibility from less than 125mg to as much as 3g/liter dry weight

Length 215 cm, Width 71 cm, Height 130 cm (L 7’1″ W 2’4″, H 4’3″)

182kg (400 pounds)

Power requirements:
120/240 volts, 50/60 hertz

Power consumption:
Approximately 0.7kWh per incoming m3

Additional Product Features:

  • Remote support by OriginOil technicians (requires support contract after warranty expiration)
  • Tunable to a wide range of fresh and saltwater microalgae species
  • Applicable to all growth platforms

Product Information

Ordering Details

For ordering information, email us here, or call 877-999-6645 and press 5.

  • "OriginOil’s own model shows that an algae production plant can operate profitably and beneficially when allied with a high-synergy host site like a wastewater plant." -
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