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OriginOil Launches MAX ONE

Riggs with Max One

Los Angeles, 17 May, 2010: OriginOil unveiled the MAX (Mobile Algae eXtraction lab) ONE, at an exclusive daytime event held at its Los Angeles headquarters. Read the press release.

Event Photos

Chris, Mike, Scott inside trailer

Mike backing up trailer

Blank trailer at workshop entrance

Group handshake with blank trailer

Gavin with blank trailer

Trailer Before

Trailer installing insulation

Trailer installing wall panel

Trailer inside walls in progress

Receiving trailer cabinets

Welding the valence frame

Cutting the valence face

Installing plumbing lines

Electrical distribution panel

Polishing clarifier

Clarifier test extractions

Trailer inside operations manager programming the system

Touchscreen on

Gavin programming the touchscreen

Touchscreen Controller

Control Array


OriginOil MAX™ ONE ready!

A proud Operations Manager

Construction Photos






Carrying on the tradition begun earlier this year at the OriginOil System Pilot Launch event, OriginOilMax event guests enjoyed algae martinis and raw treats while discussing the future of the industry and OriginOil’s ever increasing role in it.

At the event, OriginOil CEO Riggs Eckelberry welcomed loyal and prospective investors to see the MAX ONE up close.

“Every algae strain out there has its own extraction profile, and there are thousands of strains,” he said. “This is a great chance to document all the different strains which will help us roll out through partners worldwide.”

“Algae can’t succeed as a biofuel without an economical and energy-efficient way to harvest it,” said Eckelberry. “That’s why algae companies are eager to test our process as soon as possible. Now we can pull up in the trailer, process their algae, and analyze it for them on the spot.”

Riggs Eckelberry, President & CEO, OriginOil