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OriginOil Pilot Launch Event


Los Angeles, 28 January, 2010: OriginOil unveiled its first comprehensive pilot system for algae growth and harvesting at an exclusive event held at its Los Angeles headquarters. Read the press release.

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This evening marked an historical moment in OriginOil history and the algae biofuel industry as a whole: an exclusive unveiling of the Company’s end-to-end algae to oil production system.

At the event, Riggs Eckelberry, OriginOil CEO, spoke to the assembled group of core investors, celebrities and members of the press.

Eckelberry told the audience of about 100: “Until now we have been in pure research and development. Now we have turned the corner to commercialization of our technologies. It’s a historic milestone for us.”

Sipping algae martinis and nibbling at raw treats, guests also viewed the company’s Live Extraction system, designed to “milk” algae oil without destroying algae cultures, and a bioreactor prototype specifically designed for wastewater applications.

The company’s Helix BioReactor™ prototypes could be viewed, as well as other industry-standard designs used for comparison testing.

Video: CEO’s Presentation


Media Highlights

Algae-Oil Breakthrough Leads to Fuel, Food?
ABC News – January 28, 2010: “Imagine a world where factories … generate their own energy by utilizing their excess carbon dioxide.”

OriginOil CEO expects revenue in 2011 Reuters – January 29, 2010: “U.S. algae biofuel start-up OriginOil expects to start generating revenue in 2011…”

Algae Oil: I’ll Drink to That!
Mother Nature Network – February 1, 2010: “In the heart of Los Angeles, oil is being produced…the clean, green kind that can be manufactured…anywhere.”

OriginOil Unveils In-House Pilot System
Biomass Magazine – February 1, 2010: “At the heart of the new system is a series of 200-gallon tanks…”

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