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OriginOil Presents Breakthrough Technology to Border State Governors at GreenTech Expo

Los Angeles, 14 August 2008: OriginOil shared its vision of the algae to oil revolution and visuals of its patented Helix BioReactor™ prototype with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at the GreenTech Expo, held in Los Angeles in conjunction with the Border Governors Conference.

While touring the Expo, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger met with CEO Riggs Eckelberry, accompanied by top energy and environmental advisor Terry Tamminen and Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency, Linda Adams.

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Governor Schwarzenegger discusses the promise of algae-to-oil with OriginOil's CEO Riggs Eckelberry. Riggs Eckelberry and co-founder Nicholas Eckelberry speak with Secretary Linda Adams. “Governor Schwarzenegger astonished us with the depth of his interest. Despite numerous pressing concerns, the Governor spent time with us to review how algae could hold the key to making renewable fuels a reality in California and the world.” – Riggs Eckelberry
OriginOil team members at the Green Tech Expo booth. OriginOil's Helix BioReactor™ prototype video.

During his visit Schwarzenegger discussed the promise of algae to oil, the company’s vision and plans for the future with CEO Riggs Eckelberry and Co-founder Nicholas Eckelberry. Secretary Adams and other border state officials followed up to discuss how the company can contribute to the process of setting renewable fuels standards.

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algaeAs an energy source, algae is carbon neutral since it absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2), a harmful greenhouse gas, to create oil and biomass. OriginOil’s technology not only supplies environmentally friendly biofuels, but it is can be used anytime, anywhere to help eradicate CO2 emissions worldwide.

OriginOil’s patent-pending, high-speed, cost effective technology transforms algae into algae oil. Read more…