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Is 2013 The Year of Algae?

8th Annual World Biofuels Markets, Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 4-6, 2013 – March 6, 2013: Jose Sanchez, General Manager of OriginOil’s Algae Division, asks “Is 2013 for the Algae Industry the same as 1905 was for Petroleum Industry or 1980 was for the Computer Industry?” He proposes the following steps: 1. Choose the right product that will make you be profitable, 2. If your product is fuels, carry out a three stage project, 3. Choose the right algae production technology for your product, 4. Choose the right process for your product; and outlines “A Plan Specifically Tailored for Europe”. He closes by saying, “The Year of the Algae will come when one producer succeeds in obtaining algae based products at the same or more competitive prices than conventional agriculture or petroleum.”

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