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Use of EWS Algae to Maximize Profits in Algae Endeavors

NAA Production Workshop, Richmond CA, February 28, 2014 – February 28, 2014:

Jose Sanchez Piña, OriginOil’s VP of Algae & Aquaculture, shows how OriginOil’s algae harvesting technology has a high biomass retrieval efficiency, scalable to commercial sizes and with the lowest capital and operational costs; how EWS algae keeps algae cells growing in an exponential mode; how it can be used to de-contaminate algae cultures and control microbiology to prevent crashes in production and loss of profits; and finally, how its microbiological control capability allows producers to increase production by performing “Heterotrophic Jump”, as well as scale up delicate strains such Haematococcus pluvialis

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